December 2020 Employee of the Month: Tim Millard

(The Calming Presence)

Tim Millard

“Tim is my best friend—my absolute best friend. We love each other, and we actually like to be around each other,” Beverly Millard said of her husband, Tim Millard, CloudCME® Employee of the Month. “Working together comes naturally for us. Tim makes it easy.”

Tim and Bev have been working together on CloudCME®’s Customer Support Team since February of 2016. Everyone who knows Tim and Bev says they complement each other well—in work and in life.

Tim agrees. “It’s one of those relationships that is 110% on both ends,” he added. “But at the same time, we realize the other person is going to be at 40% one day, and when that happens, the other person steps up. It’s a team effort. We consider ourselves lucky.”

"We encourage each other every day, and, on the tougher days, we use humor to stay positive," Bev said.

She claims Tim makes up raps and jingles about tickets to lighten the mood, but he has yet to share his musical talents with the rest of the CloudCME® team. "He keeps me in stitches," she said, smiling.

As CloudCME® grows, makes enhancements, and offers new features, the support tickets naturally increase, which means the support team’s job gets that much tougher. It’s a never-ending climb with little time to celebrate victories.

“We don’t speak enough of the people who are the heart of our team and help keep our clients happy and feeling like a part of our family,” Allison Bergstedt, CloudCME® developer commented. “Tim makes that possible. He is the face of the company—the one speaking with clients daily. And no matter the pressures, he does it with a great attitude, smile on his face, and always stays cool and level-headed.”

Tim enjoys working with our clients, whether it’s welcoming new ones to the CloudCME® family as they learn the system, or helping existing clients navigate the many available features.

“Tim’s positive, calming presence keeps the team on track and assures clients everything will work out,” Jennifer Donnelly, Chief Accreditation Officer said. “This is reflected in the client comments and the number of 10s he’s received in customer satisfaction support surveys—120 in just the last 6 months!”

“Tim is always a pleasure to work with,” one client shared. “He responds quickly and is very helpful."

Tim attributes his nothing-gets-me-down attitude to time passed and life experiences. He gives his all and realizes that all he can do is his best. He strikes a work-life balance by leaving the stress of work at work and enjoying his family and life outside of CloudCME®.

And what a beautiful life it is?

After spending the entire day tackling tickets together, Tim and Bev cuddle up on the back porch to reflect on their day and watch the sunset over the Smokey Mountains of Bristol, Tennessee. Tim fires up the grill and perfects his homemade BBQ sauce, while Bev whips up her favorite side dishes. Their daughter, Sami, and 5-year-old grandson, Milo, frequent the dinner table. Milo reminds grandpa that his steak is to be pink inside, not brown. (Smart kid, eh?)

The Millards cherish family time and spend much of it outdoors. In the summers, Tim can be found giving Milo rides on the lawn mower or tossing him onto an oversized inflatable duck in the backyard pool, again…and again…and again. Milo keeps grandpa on his toes physically and mentally. He likes to give Tim large numbers to see if he can add them up and multiply them accurately in his head. More recently, they’ve enjoyed the occasional snowball fight and snowman build, along with s’mores and snuggles by the fire.

Although life hasn’t changed drastically up in the Smokies, where social distancing comes pretty naturally, the Millards are looking forward to traveling, returning to church, and maybe catching a NASCAR race at the Bristol Motor Speedway someday soon.