March 2021 Employee of the Month: Paul Carpenter

(The Vibe)

Paul Carpenter

Looks aren’t everything, but Paul Carpenter, Director of User Experience at CloudCME®, argues that the details matter.

“Paul is one of our 'secret ingredients'—not just because he makes our portals look and work great, but he brings a very fresh perspective to the team,” a CloudCME® team member said, in nominating Paul for Employee of the Month.

Paul brings our clients’ visions to life, by providing each organization with a swanky, branded portal. You can bet that if it looks good, Paul Carpenter had a hand in it—flyers, brochures, the CloudCME® website, an exhibit booth, LinkedIn posts, this blog page—you name it!

He jokes that our market is never going to be “sexy and cool,” so his goal is to lighten the load for our CloudCME® family and bring them a bit of joy each day.

Paul juggles many roles and tends to the design needs of the entire CloudCME® family. And he rocks it. He also directs development for the mobile app and works with developers to refine the workflow and aesthetics of CloudCME®.

“This stuff is all really complicated, and there’s so many parts that are required, so it’s tricky to distil down some of these processes to anything that makes sense to anybody,” Paul said. “I think we’ve all gotten better at it over time. And getting user feedback has been really valuable.”

Paul constantly strives for improvement and welcomes opportunities to grow. He’s of the mindset that we should try not to get bent out of shape about anything. “I always want to do the best I can with what I have. I want to learn more about new things and be better going forward,” he said. “Let’s just all do our best.”

He fosters that same enthusiasm for growth in his children. On weekends the whole family will go to Siesta Key beach, not far from their home, to watch his 13-year-old daughter busk impromptu poetry for tourists. She sets up her 1940s typewriter, an LED light, and plants atop an oriental rug and calls out to tourists, “Hey, you want a poem?” She’ll ask for a random topic and compose a poem for them on the spot. She’s even setup her own Venmo account for donations and turned it into a little business.

Paul refers to his 9-year-old son as his little engineer. He loves to take things apart to figure out how they work and put them back together. He’s created several add-ons for his nerf guns and is always building something. (Keep your eyes peeled for some new patents in the future.)

Paul and his wife, Heather, encourage their kids to try absolutely anything. “We’ve got closets full of old hobbies that didn’t pan out. And that’s fine. The Goodwill donations center loves us,” he joked.

Paul feels fortunate to be able to provide his children that opportunity and is thankful his parents allotted him creative outlets to explore his own passions, as well.

“I can pretty much directly track my career back to 12 years old, getting that Mac IIci in 1989, because that just set me off on exactly where I ended up going,” Paul said.

He remembers the day his dad brought home that Mac with Photoshop 1.0, back when it was on 4 floppy disks. (Have we come a long way, or what?) Paul’s been fascinated with computers and design ever since.

Karl Wilkens, CEO and Founder of CloudCME®, saw Paul’s talent through several freelancing opportunities and hired him on as his first employee, over 20 years ago.

Paul and Karl have taken on a wide variety of projects over those two decades, including two interventional cardiology eLearning applications that won the coveted Adobe MAX Award, a global competition of the best interactive programs with winners such as Volkswagen, The Wharton School of Business, Yahoo, and Lego. This venture was their introduction into the medical field and what, shortly after, sparked the creation of CloudCME®.