July 2020 Employee of the Month: Kory Munk

(The Visionary)

Kory Munk

Some people grow up knowing exactly what they want to do and who they want to be. Most of us don’t. Kory Munk, July Employee of the Month, thought he might want to be a surgeon. Growing up in the hospital setting, with mom being a nurse and dad working in maintenance at the same hospital (a love story for another time), he set out to pursue a career in the medical field. While Kory is still fond of the medical field, he is thankful for the guidance of a mentor at Bowling Green State University, who helped him uncover his natural abilities and find his passion—coding.

“I took the first level java course, and it just kind of clicked,” Kory said of his first coding class in college. “It’s a lot of problem solving—like a puzzle. It was a fit for me.”

Kory met a couple CloudCME® team members at a Code-A-Thon in college. Thomas Welch and Derek Kuhlman of CloudCME® are former students of said mentor and came back to their Alma Mater to help with the event. Kory landed an internship with CloudCME® in the process, and it didn’t take long for him to secure a full-time developer position and be promoted to Senior Software Developer.

“He really cares about the quality of the code,” our Director of Software Development said. “He puts a lot of time and effort into cleaning up and fixing code. He’s one of the hardest workers.”

Development isn’t the only area Kory contributes to the team. He has introduced several technologies and ideas that have helped improve processes throughout CloudCME®. One example is the Fix Team recently added, in addition to our Customer Support Team, to specifically work on tickets and bugs in testing. Kory played an instrumental role in developing and seeing this project through.

One of Kory’s greatest strengths is his ability to see the bigger picture. He can identify where there is a need for improvement and can strategically prioritize what needs to be done in order to take the team and the product to the next level. And then, he does it.

“Kory is a machine,” our Quality Assurance Lead commented. “He has the best memory; he can see something one time and know it. And as soon as there is something wrong, Kory is on it, but he can also juggle anything else he’s working on. It’s amazing. How does he do it?”

How rare is it to find someone who pays close attention to the details and can see the bigger picture? Rare. This isn’t something Kory can just turn off after work. He often finds himself admiring store layouts and concepts when he’s out shopping, one of his favorite pastimes. This comes from years of merchandising in retail. He explained that every store layout is an opportunity to tell customers a story. It is this very perspective and his constant drive to be better and learn more that makes Kory invaluable to CloudCME®.