January 2021 Employee of the Month: Kevin Innes

(The Catalyst)

Kevin Innes

Kevin has transformed the development team, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge into our firm,” Karl Wilkens, CEO and Founder of CloudCME®, said of Kevin Innes, Employee of the Month. “His one-on-one work with individual team members and lunch and learn sessions with the entire development team have been a huge help. Additionally, his experience in automating many of our previous manual processes has been fantastic.” 

Kevin came to CloudCME® with 17 years of experience, not including his own personal ventures that started at age 10. “I never wanted to really do anything else,” he said. “Since before I can remember, all I wanted to do was work on computers.”

And that’s exactly what he did.

In addition to his knowledge and experience, Kevin immediately impressed leadership with his communication skills and ability to support other team members. Director of Software Development became the apparent fit for him and for the team.

“When Kevin came on, we really started picking up speed,” Kory Munk, Senior Developer, said. “He’s the catalyst that drove us in the direction we needed to go—not just between the work he did and things he implemented, but also how he brought his experience and shared it with the team.”

Kevin started lunch and learns for the dev team to improve their knowledge and skill, focusing on best practices in coding. In addition, he worked with our project manager and developers to enhance the team’s day-to-day workflow with automated tools. Kevin worked with our CTO and project manager to turn quarterly sprints into 2-week sprints. By taking larger projects and breaking them down into smaller pieces and allocating those tasks, our development team has been able to tackle projects much quicker.

“He makes things progress into the next phase,” James Saylor, Software Developer, said. “He’s having us improve our processes, improve our code, and improve our own abilities to impact the company as a whole.”

His team appreciates his supportive management style. He works alongside the team to help them tackle tasks at hand and is constantly asking how he can be helpful. He’s a straight shooter and offers feedback where he can, while also inviting team members to bring ideas and suggestions forward.

“I want everybody to be able to have input and know that they can speak up without issue,” Kevin said. “I prefer for people to have their own ideas and tell me if there’s a better way to do something. Without them being able to do that, we’re not going to grow.”

His willingness to adapt and take suggestions doesn’t stop at the office. When asked what Kevin likes to do with his free time, he quickly responded with a chuckle, “Whatever my four-year-old niece wants to do.”

Tea parties, long phone conversations about life, binge watching True—whatever Ella wants from Uncle Kevin, she finds a way to get, including all of his attention away from her older siblings.

But he’s a sucker for all of his nieces and nephews. “I bought my older niece a set of Legos when she was younger, and I went out every week and we built them together. She eventually stopped. I didn’t.”

Fun fact: Kevin has since accumulated nearly 1,000 pounds of Legos in his basement (confirmed by other CloudCME® team members).

It is no surprise that kids and adults alike gravitate toward Kevin. He is a sounding board for many—a great listener, understanding, an expert at fixing and putting things together—toys, leading CME software, you name it! Kevin’s the kind of guy you want on your team and in your life.

“He’s there as a mentor for everybody,” Kory said. “For me personally, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for his mentorship.”