August 2020 Employee of the Month: Jennifer Donnelly

(The Mentor)

Jennifer Donnelly

What differentiates CloudCME® from its competitors?

Among the long list of answers, Jennifer Donnelly, Chief Accreditation Officer and August Employee of the Month, is certainly one of them.

Jennifer ensures the CloudCME® system is in line with the latest accreditation requirements for Joint Accreditation™, ACCME, ANCC, ACPE and other accrediting bodies—which allows CloudCME® to not just be another learning management system but rather the learning management system for CE/CPD departments within healthcare organizations.

Jennifer is the bridge between our developers and our clients. She loves that she still gets to interact with people in the CE world, while focusing on system development.

“The mere fact that I have the opportunity to help guide with the creation of our accreditation reports, which saves our customers’ CE departments a lot of time and worry—that’s exciting to me to have an impact like this.”

She understands the day-to-day demands of a CE/CPD department and does whatever she can to lighten that load for our clients. She remembers when she had to produce over 1000 transcripts, hand fold them, and mail them out. She finally convinced leadership to buy her an electronic letter folder. (Have we come a long way? Or what?)

CloudCME® brought Jennifer on because of her expertise in Continuing Healthcare Education—transforming a consortium in Austin, TX, from state accredited to nationally accredited and holding the role of Executive Director of Healthstream Accredited Education for over a decade. We didn’t realize what an asset she’d be to the overall culture of the team.

“She's an excellent resource for those who may be struggling with organizational skills and provides worthwhile advice to those in leadership roles,” a CloudCME® team member commented. “She's always willing to help out wherever and whenever she can, even if it requires working outside of normal hours.”

Jennifer is no stranger to playing multiple roles, and the mentor/teacher role is one that comes naturally to Jennifer. Prior to her continuing ed days, Jennifer was a librarian at an elementary school. She lived on the eastern shore of Maryland, where most made their living by farming or on the water. In the summers, people would come from all over to help on the land with crops and send their children to the migrant education program. Here, Jennifer was an art teacher, music teacher, swim teacher, —you name it, she did it!

“I even rode the school bus every afternoon to make sure all the babies and toddlers got off at the right farm,” she said, laughing at the wide span of roles she held. “I literally had to take them out of car seats and hand them to their mothers. It was one of the coolest jobs I’ve had.”

If there is a need, Jennifer will fill it. No questions asked. She has been instrumental in developing policies and procedures throughout the company; she trains and educates our team; she supports our clients; and she always does it enthusiastically. One CloudCME® team member commented on Jennifer’s work, “It has reinforced the core values of CloudCME® and has empowered a dedicated team to encourage synergy and initiative.”

Simply put, Jennifer doesn’t just make our system better; she makes our team better.