June 2020 Employee of the Month: Derek Kuhlman

(The Behind-the-Scenes Make-it-Happen Guy)

Derek and HaileyIf you’ve used the CloudCME® portal, you’ve benefited from the hard work, dedication, and spontaneity of Derek Kuhlman. Derek is CloudCME®’s lead developer and a true leader in every sense of the word. “He has helped raise the tide of the whole team,” commented a CloudCME® member, nominating him for Employee of the Month.

This has been evident in a recent project for a Conflict of Interest Resolution rework. “He really took ownership of it and cranked out that activity roles tab to make sure it came to fruition for the clients,” another developer on the project commented.             

His colleagues agree that he’s often the first to volunteer and has even been known for jumping into a project before plans even roll out. “Derek does a lot of outstanding work for the company and is usually silently working behind the scenes,” one of them commented. It’s rare that Derek isn’t cultivating something new or perfecting his skills.

This is true in several areas of Derek’s life. If you were on this month’s webinar, you may remember his much-anticipated communication skills. When asked how he became the charismatic speaker that he is, he humbly admitted, “I have a secret. I started streaming on Twitch in my free time.” Derek, an avid gamer, met his wife through gaming. Apparently, he wasn’t the only smooth talker. He said she won him over with her “sweet southern accent.”

Hailey is a Georgia native, recently turned Cleveland sports fan. The couple planned to elope in Niagara Falls in May, but (like most of us have experienced) 2020 had other plans. Derek, being the make-it-happen kind of guy that he is, didn’t let COVID-19 ruin the spontaneity of their wedding day. Hailey, a law student at Cleveland State, contacted the dean of the college to see if he knew any judges willing to marry them. Melody Stewart, a Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, stepped in to marry the lovebirds in a quaint space right outside the Cleveland Browns stadium.

“Justice Stewart graciously responded and said she would be happy to do it,” Derek said. “We just worked with her to find a time and place, and since we did it downtown, we didn't need to reserve space or anything. So we just picked a day and made it happen.”

The happy couple and their three fur babies—Atticus, Eva, and Scout—are happily quarantining in Norwalk, Ohio, in wedded bliss. Hailey is pushing through law school classes to earn her Juris Doctor degree, while Derek continues to crank out awesome new features for our CloudCME® family.