Cross Site Tracking Error

Registrants using Safari on iPhones/Macs may get a security error upon registering for courses if they have a particular browser security setting checked.


As security in browsers has increased, a feature called “Prevent site cross-checking” has become more prevalent and will sometimes be enabled by default in the browser. If a registrant has enabled this setting in Safari on an iPhone or a Mac, an error will appear from Frevvo preventing the user from registering. Frevvo is CloudCME’s form software and is fundamentally built on cross-site functionality. CloudCME will need to completely replace this service to remove this issue.

Timing of fix:

CloudCME will begin this work after Performance issues are resolved and the Activity Manager redesign is complete.


  1. This issue does not appear on all browsers - Chrome and Edge browsers do not enable this by default
  2. Unchecking this selection in the browser settings will also remove the issue
  3. We have deployed an update to the system, allowing you to add instructional/introduction text above the Registration form on the Register Tab in the Course Overview.
    • To create or edit the text that will appear: From the Navigation Panel select Administration > Templates > Help tab.

    • In the dropdown menu select Help Screen Content then scroll to the bottom of the list where you will see a field for "Registration Help".
    • Once you have entered the text, click the Save button at the top of the screen.

    • The text you enter will display above the Registration form in the Attendee Portal.