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…”we evaluated several alternatives before selecting CloudCME®. The decision criteria were fundamentally around ease-of-use, power with a full and rich feature set, flexibility to meet their needs, reporting, single sign-on capabilities and the focus on CME. “It appeared to me that other solutions were primarily conference management products with CME functionality added on. That was not good enough for us. We wanted something with a great user experience that was specifically designed for CME.”

…“It’s great to be working with a company that is staying on top of what’s going on in the healthcare CE world. We are not joint accredited yet, but I know that if we decide to go down that route, CloudCME® is ready for us. They’ve made it a priority to keep up with the changes that are affecting me as their client.”

…”we receive many positive comments about CloudCME® from both inside and outside the organization. At a conference last month, we received several compliments from the speakers about how easy the system was to use and about how clear everything was and how easy we made it for them. We’re getting top names from around the country and around the world to come in and speak at our conferences and our grand rounds. If they try to log in to do their paperwork and they get stuck, they’re just not going to do it. They’re not going to do their forms. They’re not going to submit what we need them to submit. So, we are happy that we can make these experts comfortable with our process.”

“I think a big, big part of it (the decision to select CloudCME®) was the automation of processes. One big one was the PARS reporting. At the end of the year, you push a button and it makes a report and you submit it. And that’s it. That was the big, big thing. Other automations like disclosures were also critical. Anybody in a position to control content, whether that’s a planner, or an actual faculty, have to annually submit a declaration that they don’t have any financial relationships with a pharmaceutical company or a device manufacturer. Before CloudCME®, that was a manual paper process. We had notebooks full of paper. “

“I go to the ACCME annual conference and I was one of the facilitators for a class. I shared our experiences with our programs as a whole. People would just sit there in awe. First, because of how really rich our program is, but also what CloudCME® has done. I stated, “We get at least an 80% response rate on our evaluations,” and then they’d say, “How? How do you do this?” I’d just start telling them about CloudCME®, and it’s just eye opening again at how more sophisticated our operation is compared with bigger operations in the US. A great deal of that is CloudCME®.”

“Our old approach was very cumbersome. We were jumping in and out of different software products and there was a lot of paperwork. It was very manual. There was nothing that was automated at all. If there had to be an email sent we had to manually send them, if there was something that had to be calculated we had to calculate it.“

“I think one of the determining factors for me was the cleanliness of the way that it looked, and the way that it felt. It wasn’t cumbersome looking on the screen like some things that we looked at. With other applications, you could easily get lost. The other factor was the touch aspect that CloudCME® offered. They (CloudCME® personnel) provided constant communication throughout the evaluation process. They answered my questions very quickly. They were knowledgeable, professional and respectful. And, when we saw the demo, it was pretty much everything we needed without being too much. It was a perfect fit.”

“As our program became more robust, and as educational formats changed, we wanted to be able to move forward. We wanted to do more in the technology realm. We wanted to incorporate more automated processes so that we could expand our capacity... and for the convenience of our learners. If the processes were manually driven or didn’t happen automatically, it took more staff time. For instance, if we’re doing meeting planning and somebody has to remember to go in and check everybody who needs a confirmation letter, rather than the system having it happen automatically it added up to a lot of time. The old system didn’t do this as efficiently and effectively as required. Like most organizations, the first approach was to try to use existing technologies to solve the problem but it was quickly apparent that this was not going to work.“

“We had a scoring system and we involved people from our CME group, nursing, continuing education and from our IS department. CloudCME® was the winner of the evaluation based on the scoring.”

“…They were the best value. They offered the broadest set of capabilities at the best price. It was a very good value.”

”The CME Program had another commercial CME system in place, but it was limited and we needed something far more robust with greater automation. We were actually manually creating RSSs certificates, printing them, and emailing them. We required something far more efficient that helps everybody and where all the information is centralized.”

“CloudCME® provides many reports in graph form, which a lot of our course directors and activity directors like … the mobile app as essential. People expect mobile solutions. This is a must-have.”