November 2020 Employee of the Month: Britton Riggs

(Mr. Efficiency)

Britton Riggs

“If I have to do something more than once, then I’ve done it too many times,” Britton Riggs, CloudCME® Project Manager and Employee of the Month, said. “I try to automate wherever I can and make things more efficient for people. I like to make people’s jobs easier.”

And that he does.

In 2017, CloudCME® snagged Britton from Amazon, where he was a Software Support Engineer, managing a gigantic help desk that spanned the world. The knowledge he gained at Amazon has helped him perfect internal processes for CloudCME®.

“Britton plays a huge role on the team,” Tom Welch, Chief Technology Officer, commented. “We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for him. He helps with so many things. His recent contributions include working with others to automate various parts of our daily lives to free up time to do the more important work.”

These automations range from improving project management tracking tools, the ticketing process, software deploys, and building robots.

Yes, we now have a CloudCME® bot! We haven’t quite taught it to stand up new clients at the click of a button, but it does allow team members to immediately access internal IP addresses, client form servers, and other information necessary to assist our CloudCME® family.

He took it upon himself to learn coding, so he could better assist the development team. In doing so, he’s created shortcuts for them to use in their day-to-day workflow.

This Bot also tracks team accolades with a Taco Leader Board. *Cue Oprah meme awarding everyone tacos.* This is a fun way for the team to give kudos (or rather tacos) to each other for going above and beyond. With everyone working remotely, it’s also been a great way to keep everyone in the loop with various ongoing projects.

If there’s an opportunity to get the team involved, Britton’s on it. He even somehow convinces the development team to get together on weekends for virtual game nights. Camaraderie is kind of his thing.

Britton is such a team player, he can be seen rocking a personalized CloudCME® license plate through Tiffin, Ohio. We’re hoping to get him a matching one for his ProForm bike, so he can ride in style through the French Polynesian in his living room.

When Britton isn’t working, he’s spending time with his wife and high school sweetheart, Rachel, and their 12-year-old daughter, Brooklyn. He claims the Nintendo Switch they bought right before the pandemic has been a godsend. Their new family thing is trying to beat all the Mario levels. He’s also including Brooklyn in his passion for programming by teaching her to program colorful, animated turtles among other things.

In work, at home, and in life, Britton constantly strives to improve the lives of the people around him, by building them up and making them feel included.

“Not only does Britton achieve continuous outstanding results from his Project Management work with implementations and integrations,” Tom commented, “he also strives to empower the team by providing guidance, rather than direction; is inclusive in team activities, and seeks to make CloudCME® a better place to work.”