September 2020 Employee of the Month: Angela Vassalle

(The Teacher)

Angela and Rosie

Angela Vassalle, Lead Software Trainer and September Employee of the Month, refers to herself as a student—a life-long learner. She jokes that had she taken just two more semesters in college, she’d have completed three bachelor’s degrees. “But I learned so much cool stuff in the process,” she said. “They say if you don’t use it, you lose it. That applies to learning and understanding the world around you too. If you stop trying to take in new information, you’re going to stagnate, and to me that’s boring."

Anyone who knows Angela, knows she’s anything but boring. CloudCME® team members agree she makes the office a livelier place and serves the role of “office mom.” She’s one of the first to offer a helping hand, she makes sure no one’s birthday is forgotten, and she takes time out of her own schedule to decorate for the holidays. 

She has a zeal for life and embraces whatever is thrown her way. Others have recognized her gifts and presented opportunities she didn’t anticipate; CloudCME® being no exception. 

Angela joined the CloudCME® family in 2017, after receiving raving reviews from several former Bowling Green State University classmates turned CloudCME® team members (remind us to send BGSU a Christmas card this year). We knew we were getting a highly skilled developer, but we had no idea she would soon become the company-wide teacher. 

“It takes a certain type of person to be an effective trainer, and Angela has it,” CloudCME® CEO Karl Wilkens said. “She clearly communicates information and in a way that’s fun and engaging for learners. The training reviews from clients are outstanding.” 

Back in college, the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center, overheard Angela’s exceptional explanatory skills while helping a classmate with an assignment. He offered her a job as a tutor, and she went on to tutor college-level math for 15 years. In addition, she tutored biology, chemistry, astronomy, computer science, and even learned sign language so that she could work with Disability Student Services in providing virtual lessons. 

“Angela is the kind of person everyone wants on their team,” CloudCME® Chief Technology Officer Thomas Welch added. “She continuously strives to improve and provide superb training for our clients. She is able to construct innovative solutions to client quandaries.”

Although she does so much more than just training, Angela admits that those aha moments when the clients get excited about using our system is her favorite part of the job. “It’s so rewarding to be able to take clients from being scared to use the system to where they’re eager to dive in and start creating their own activities,” she said.  

She misses celebrating those victories with clients in person, but she’s made the virtual training just as effective and engaging. Some are even lucky enough to hear the vocal stylings of her two bloodhounds in the background, volunteering their assistance. 

Rosie, one of many rescues Angela has taken in, was baffled as to why mom was home all day but unwilling to spend it playing in the yard. Being the kind-hearted person that she is, Angela decided Rosie needed a companion to get through 2020, so she adopted Bo, a fellow bloodhound. As outstanding of an explainer as Angela is, getting a dog to understand a global pandemic is a feat she’s still working to master. But if anyone could do it, it’d be Angela.