October 2020 Employee of the Month: Allison Bergstedt

(The Manager of Chaos)

Allison & Family

Allison Bergstedt, Employee of the Month, has spent much of 2020, working before dawn, homeschooling her 3-, 5-, and 7-year-old children, and going right back to work into the evening hours. “If that’s not 2020 in a nutshell, I don’t know what is,” she joked.

Allison is proof that it’s possible to be a great mother and have a successful career. It’s a balance, and it’s not easy, but it is possible. “My family is my life,” she said. “They’re the whole reason I do what I do.” 

Allison entertains the CloudCME® team with videos of her youngest playing hide-and-seek in the most obscure places, while her oldest tries to convince the rest of the world that working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “You don’t want to work from home,” she says. “You have to work all day. You get to eat lunch, and then you have to go right back to work. You don’t get a break.” 

That’s Allison for you. She does not stop. 

“She wears a lot of hats and really embraces it,” Derek Kuhlman, Lead Software Developer said. “Her world is hectic, but she’s somehow able to manage it. And she continues to kick butt with everything she touches. I’m really proud of her growth, especially in the last 6 months.”

Allison has been working alongside Derek for one of CloudCME®’s largest projects—a rework of our Conflict of Interest (COI) resolution process. The team agrees this has been the smoothest, most organized approach we’ve taken to a project, and it stems from Allison’s initiative and tenacity in seeing it through. She is detail-oriented and focused on the end result. 

What’s most impressive? Allison is always in a good mood. If something frustrates her, she acknowledges it, finds a solution, and moves on. She is a calming presence in a fast-paced, stressful industry. “It’s great to have someone like that on the team,” Derek said.

On top of these projects, Allison is still setting up single sign on and payment gateways for new clients and leading the Quality Control team to make sure everything is ready for their go-live dates. She has been doing double the work in the same amount of time with so many more distractions, and she does it with grace. 

Allison admits she thrives at getting thrown into projects and that overcoming new challenges daily is what she loves about her career in software development.

“The excitement I get seeing code that I wrote turn into something beautiful on a computer screen had me hooked instantly,” she said with excitement. “And now I’m so fortunate to get to do what I love every single day at CloudCME®, helping projects grow from the wireframe and prototyping stage through to completion to be used by leading hospitals and universities nationwide. It is such a rewarding feeling."